16 November 2009

The Art of Manliness

Anyone acquainted with the Pagan world is well aware, or should at least notice, that it is a largely matriocentric religion. Much is said about the Goddess and much is dedicated to her. Kushka will back me up on this, that it has not escaped my notice that masculinity and being proud of being a man has at least a negative connotation. Men who suppress their urges to act as a man and instead are satisfied to tend to the feminine aspects of life are labeled as "sweet, in touch and respectful." As someone coming from a Punk, Rockabilly and British background, this was a difficult concept for me to wrap my head around. I believe a a man can be "sweet, in touch and respectful" without feeling guilty about wanting to take care of business and sticking to his guns. www.artofmanliness.com is a great resource of commentary that takes a hard look at what being a man is all about. Do we have to be ashamed of being men because our grandparents and great grandparents kept separate the affairs of men and women? I say no! Instead we should face the fact that men and women are different and celebrate that difference on both sides of the aisle.

My other gripe is the shameful suppression of anger. Anger can be a very dangerous thing, especially when it is not allowed to be let loose. We developed anger and rage as an evolutionary necessity. If you don't let your anger out in a constructive and directed manner, it will build and let go in a very destructive direction. I suppose I am generalizing horribly about the Peace and Love Hippy connotation that Paganism has attained. For those I have insulted, I make no apology. Lets get back to nature: Grab a beer, put on your horns and shout at the moon - this way you don't let it loose in some exceedingly unmanly way - such as the blame game (anger often transforms into blame when suppressed).

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  1. Interesting thoughts! I take it you are addressing the Neo Pagan man, who is soft and sensitive and "sweet" and terrified of Pagan women (as much as they love them.) Or further, terrified though reverent of the modern aggressive woman. As a Neo Pagan woman, I actually find it quite difficult to bond with this type of man; they roll over too easily, are afraid to stand up and fight when necessary. The majority of them are soft, D&D and computer oriented, and terrified of a woman like me. I know that it is not good to glorify violence or even encourage aggressive behavior, but there is something to be said for courage, conviction and confidence. Our pagan ancestors were not pushovers! And don't be ashamed of your background or heritage, there is nothing that says you are un-pagan for being so bold or brash.